Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg continunes its journey towards a fully sustainable range, offering 78% sustainably sourced products in its Christmas collection. Under the name B.Tomorrow, the brand guarantees that a minimum of 70% of the product material is sustainably sourced whenever the symbol is used.

Björn Borg has reached many milestones over the last few years as they work hard towards a fully sustainable range. As of 2020, all Björn Borg’s male underwear, sportswear and swimwear are sustainable according to the company’s B.Tomorrow definition – a minimum of 70% of the product material being sustainably sourced. In addition, Björn Borg now uses 0% conventional cotton and has reached a 42% decrease in Co2 carbon footprint since 2013.

“Our products are always developed with sustainability in mind.”, says Mija Nideborn, Design and Development Director at Björn Borg. “We are constantly making sure that we are up to speed with the latest sustainable materials and production techniques and as a matter of fact, 100% of our clothing range in the AW21 collection will fulfil our B.Tomorrow requirements, a goal that was originally set for 2023.”

Two products in the Christmas collection that don’t quite meet the requirements, but are still intriguing, are the Night Tee and Night Long Sleeve Tee. 58% of the material in these regular fit performance tees are made of a coffee ground and polyamide blend. As only 0,2% of the coffee bean ends up in drinkable coffee while the rest goes to waste, Björn Borg has started working with S.Café®, a sustainable technology that recycles the waste from local café chains and makes fabric out of it. The result of this sustainable process is a fast-drying fabric with excellent odour control, UV protection and an ice cool touch, optimal for working out.

The Christmas collection is available online on bjornborg.com and in selected stores. To shop sustainably, look for the green B.Tomorrow logo at the website.

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Author: tovenilsson